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Improving healthcare for the needy

Cecelia contracted an infection when she was less than one year old.  Doctors in Liberia told her mother that the only way to save her life was amputation.  As she grew up, she recognized the difference between her (amputee leg) and the other children that she attempted to play with.  Depression and social withdrawal characterized the first 10 years of Cecelia's life. 

WESAP connected her to the health care resources in the US.  Her family had no means of paying for basic healthcare services, not to mention prosthetics.

Today, access to quality health care is endangered by changes in government policies. WESAP advocates for youth and families, helping them to navigate systems that are sometimes complicated and confusing.  

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With your support, we can continue to connect children and adults to resources that will give them a fighting chance at a dignified healthy life.

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