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WESAP Educate

Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights. Education has helped all of us to become more productive citizens. We have learned to pursue our dreams and achieve our fullest potential. Acquiring quality education can empower young people, especially girls, to pursue positive changes in their local and global communities.


Staten Island Steel Pan Orchestra

We Create SI

Tuition Assistance Program

Let Girls Learn Liberia

High School in Crozierville

WESAP Health

In 2010, WESAP started its work of connecting amputee children in Liberia with healthcare resources in the United States, offering them prosthetic limbs. All of the children were from families who had no means of paying for basic healthcare services, not to mention prosthetics. One child had suffered a double amputation after a tragic automobile accident that pinned her to a pole in the front yard of her home. The driver was never apprehended. With your support, we can continue to connect children and adults to resources that will give them a fighting chance at a dignified healthy life.


Health Assistance Program

Water Wells for Schools & Communities

WESAP Families

We assist families, especially immigrants and refugees from populations and groups that are not commonly represented in our area.  We provide multi-ethnic and culturally-sensitive services that address their needs with respect and dignity.  We help families to develop independence and ability to navigate the systems of care available to them in the communities in which they reside.


Family Transition Services

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