Tuition Assistance Program

Help a child or family to READ

Benedict (an amputee) lived in a small hut near the air strip in Harper, Liberia, with several members of his immediate and extended family.  His father had some formal education and did his best to home school his children when he returned from a long day of work.  With no books, supplies or other resources, the children did the best they could to learn under very difficult circumstances. 

WESAP’s health assistance program connected Benedict to healthcare resources in the US, offering him prosthetic limbs.  When he returned home, Benedict was offered a scholarship to a boarding school through the Tuition Assistance Program.  With very little formal education, he has taken every advantage of this opportunity and performs in the top 20% of his class.  With this education, Benedict will have the potential to go on to college and career pathways that lead to employment.  He will also be an invaluable resource in his community as a reader, interpreter, negotiator and advocate for his people in a rapidly changing world.

A local social worker is a liaison between WESAP, students and families, supporting youth development and other family needs.

With your support, we can say “YES” to more children.

Say "YES"

$10 – school and personal supplies for 1 month

$100 – school and personal supplies for 1 year

$20 – tuition for 1 month of day school

$200 – tuition for 1 year of day school

$250 – tuition for 1 month of boarding school

$2500 – tuition for 1year of boarding school

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